The Monsters are back


By: Sabrina Schleuger 

Monsters University, which is a sequel to Monsters Inc., is coming to theaters this summer. They are going back to before the monsters started scaring little kids. Back to when the monsters started learning what means to scare children.

Plans for creating this movie have been in existence since 2005. A change in Disney’s management put this on the back-burner but in 2010 the sequel was confirmed. The release date for this movie is June 21, 2013.
This movie is supposed to be 10 years before Monsters Inc. Michael “Mike” Wazowski and James P. “Sully” Sullivan are in college majoring in scaring.

They didn’t know each other when they arrived at Monsters University. However, they would later become the “dynamic duo” and be inseparable.

Monsters University is about the college life of the monsters before they begin scaring little kids through doors. You will most likely see all the characters that were in Monsters Inc., especially Randall, the one who can change colors to blend into backgrounds.

So, everyone be prepared to relive your childhood this summer and go see Monsters University.

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