Did you know that Parks and Recreation is ending? Knope!

Leslie Knope and the Parks and Recreation cast return for their final season on NBC. For six seasons, Knope and the Parks Department have been trying to turn lot 48 (an empty lot that used to be a pit) into a park for the City of Pawnee.
The show started with the lovable yet idiotic Andy Dwyer (played by Chris Pratt) who fell into the pit. Anne Perkins, Dwyer’s girlfriend (played by Rashida Jones) went to a public forum to complain about the deserted pit on lot 48. There, the two bonded about how something needed be done about the pit and became best friends.
Helping Knope turn the pit into a beautiful park is Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), a government employee who believes the government should have no say in what free Americans can do; Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari), a lazy worker with dreams of being a celebrity; Donna Meagle (Retta), a fierce worker, who’s up on the latest social media and shopping trends; April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) a young, cold, but a very good worker when needed. And lastly, Jerry Gergich (Jim O’Heir), the butt of the office who can never catch a break.
The original cast is joined in season three by Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe), an incredibly happy person who works out every five seconds and Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott), an annoyed accountant, until he falls for Knope.
While trying to assemble the park, the team still takes care of local matters such as the Harvest Festival and making sure the town’s beloved horse, Lil’ Sebastian, is forever remembered. Throughout the seasons, there have been ups and downs, many public forums, clashes with the local power house, Sweetums, and whole lot of laughter.
After Dwyer and Perkins broke up in season two, Perkins started dating Traeger, city manager of Pawnee. The two were on again off again through the seasons until season five when Perkins asked Traeger to bear her child. They tied the knot with a locket, they moved to Michigan to be closer to family, and baby Oliver was born.
After moving out of the pit and finally getting over Perkins, Dwyer finally got a job at city hall shining shoes and fell in love with the apathetic April Ludgate. The two got married and stayed at city hall working for Knope.
Swanson finally got over his ex-wives Tammy 1 and Tammy 2, and fell for Diana, a hardworking, independent, red-blooded American; basically the female version of Swanson. They got married and a few months later came their son, John. Swanson stayed with the parks department and then left to start his own company, which picks up in season seven.
Meagle continues to live her glamourous life style with her one and only companion, her Mercedes bends. Gergich, first name now Larry, changed by the parks department in season six, still surprises us with his gifts and talents, but will never be enough for his co-workers. Gergich remains with Knope’s team as well as the butt of the office.
Season seven starts in the year 2017. Knope and Wyatt had triplets, while Ludgate and Dwyer continue to have a corky relationship. Haverford finally becomes somewhat of a local celeb in Pawnee with his restaurant Tom’s Bistro, leaving him little to no time for working with Knope and the team. Meagle’s reality business takes off, also leaving her with no more time to work at the parks department.
Knope took on the National Park’s job, moving her, Ludgate, and Dwyer to the third floor. Moving with them, is the formerly known as Jerry, Larry, and now Terry, and Ben Wyatt. Swanson left the parks department and started his own company. No sign of Chris Traeger and Anne Perkins yet, but TV Line reveals that the two will make an appearance in at least one episode with baby Oliver.
The season opener wasn’t like any other, mainly due to the fact it is set two years in the future, but also because longtime friends Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson are enemies due to “morning star,” which has yet to be talked about. I am hopeful throughout the season we will catch up on what occurred the past two years and that the now separated parks team will come together and help Knope take on the National Parks Department.

Article by Katie Monaghan

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