Book Review: Why We Broke Up-A Grounded High School Dating Novel

kjTwo bottle caps, a box of matches, a protractor, love notes, a pair of hideous earrings, a toy truck, and a beat up comb all have one thing in common: why Min Green and Ed Slaterton broke up. In high school, it is every quiet girl’s dream to be noticed by the captain of the basketball team. Teenage romance novels are usually centered around two teens belonging to polar opposite cliques having a happy ending together. In Why We Broke Up, the happy ending is less of a goal than the journey itself. This realistic novel is extremely well written and very relatable to any girl in high school.

Typically high school romance novels are full of big gestures and unrealistic dates that create false ideas for how dating in high school truly is. Daniel Handler writes a realistic fiction about the experience a nerdy girl, who spends time watching historic movies and going to eccentric shops, has dating the star of the basketball team who is too often caught kissing other girls in the backseat of his car.

The book written is from the perspective of Min Green. She internalizes their relationship in a letter, picking it apart to give Ed specific reasons as to why she will be ending things. Min places the letter in a shoebox along with everything that Ed has ever given her. Each item is given an explanation and can be tied to a reason that they could never have worked as a couple.

The author ,Daniel Handler, does an exceptional job of writing from the view of an awkward high school girl who is struggling with balancing her small friend group and the popularity that comes along with being Ed Slaterton’s girlfriend. Handler’s audience may be small but he appeals to them all too well with explanation of the feelings they hold and reactions some may have.

By:Aubrey Rogerson


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