Humans of AHS: Terri Kurtz

The community of Assumption High School passes this door everyday and to many, it doesn’t even phase them. However, to math teacher Terri Kurtz, room 107 has a special place in her heart, as she spends her days teaching math to her students.

Kurtz says her favorite type of math would have to be Calculus, “I majored in computer science.” She enjoys teaching derivatives to the students because every time it’s something new to learn for them.

Kurtz explains, “Before coming here I was a system analysis.” When she had children she decided to be a stay at home mom for a while. Then, as they grew older Kurtz was presented with the opportunity to teach at Assumption. She started as a sub, and then finally landed the position of a full-time math teacher.

“The best experience I’ve had at school would be being in the class and sharing a mutual respectable friendship between me and the students.” Having the time to share experiences with the students is important to her, and she feels it’s a very nice friendship to have. “My students can tell whenever I’m having a bad day,” Kurtz explained. On days she isn’t feeling her best, her students can find a way to make her feel better. Terri Kurtz is passionate about her job, and feels she is living the dream by inspiring her students in her favorite room 107. Terri Kurtz 1

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