“Take Your Pallet and Paint Me”

Take Your Pallet and Paint Me

Student Poetry Submission // January 4, 2017


Take your pallet and paint me as you wish,
Make this white canvas, a picture light,
Yellow, for the ones you’ve loved and kissed
Orange, for the sun bringing end to the night,

Take your pallet and paint me at no cost,
Turn this white canvas into your darkest thought,
Grey to show the moments you felt you were lost,
Black, for times life continued when you wished it had not.

Take your pallet and paint me as you must,
From a white canvas, make a piece of art we all feel,
Blue, for the beloved people who from your life were cut
Red, for the fury which did not allow you to heal

Take your pallet and paint me,
This is truly all I ask,
That you can move on to your future,
By painting away your past.

One thought on ““Take Your Pallet and Paint Me”

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