Winter Sports Senior Night Recap

Winter Sports Senior Night Recap

Jenna McKune ’17 // February 24, 2017


On February 16, the seniors from Archery, Basketball, Bowling, Cheer, and Dance were celebrated. The Swim Seniors were celebrated the week before. The celebration started at 7:00 pm. Each senior was called out and walked to half-court with her parents by her side. The celebration was followed by a basketball game against Ballard High School, and the Rockets got a 54-24 win.


Erin Byerly

Leah Hulsman

Kristen Karem

Sheridan Payne

Alli Revers

Gabi Wickel



Jenna Calhoun

Piper Gray

Kristen Olinick

McKenna Schelb



Morgan Rogers-Daub

Alexis Simon



Hannah Brown

Emma Crowell



Christi Godsey

Hannah Hoerlein

Mikayla LaMaster

Sydney Remmers

Lauren Vessels



Molly Bunnell

Erin Cahill

Alyssa Glavinos

Anabelle Greseth

Auburn Lawrence

Emily Mueller

Sarah Santry

Summer Stevens

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  • March 24, 2017 at 1: 31pm

    The dance and cheer team were really fun to watch!


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