Celebrating 40 Years!

An Adventure of 40 years with Mrs. Baughman and Ms. Ralph.

By: Hallie White, Lucy Wieland, Photo Editor and Annika Geiser, Editor-in-Chief RocketLaunch

“Why would I want to go anywhere else?” Mrs. Baughman questions when asked why she has been at Assumption for such a long time. Mrs. Baughman and Ms. Ralph celebrate their 40th year at Assumption this year. “When you start a job, you only think of the beginning,” says Baughman. 40 years later and Baughman still comes to Assumption High School where she works as an Assistant Principal.

Starting at just 21 years old, as an English and religion teacher, Baughman has watched the school change from 650 students to 880, and the spirit of the community itself change. She has noticed the school spirit grow in the students over the years.

Mrs. Baughman hasn’t been alone while on her forty-year journey. She was joined by her friend and colleague, Ms. Ralph.

After Ralph’s journey in college, she became a Sister of Mercy, but had not yet finished her vows as a sister.  She was sent here to Assumption because there was an opening in the theology department.  Once she got a taste of Assumption, she knew there was no going back.  “The number feels like a big deal, but at the same time, it’s all have ever known.  I am in it for the long run”

Most teachers teach a variety of grades, but not Ralph, she teaches only Seniors.  Ralph teaches Seniors the required religion class, Sacramental Living.

“I like teaching seniors because I want to be a part of one of the meaningful, important years of your life, I want to walk with you through that.”

Ms. Ralph and Mrs. Baughman have always been close.

“I could not pick a better person to have started with and to have been with all these years, we just have always been close since the very beginning. It has been such a gift to be close with someone who is so positive,” Baughman says.

Congratulations to Ms. Ralph and Mrs. Baughman on their 40 years at Assumption!

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