Scholar Fest 2017: A Symposium

By Lucy Wieland

Family, friends and eight seniors joined together on Friday, September 15th at Assumption for the sixth annual Scholar Fest. These seniors presented their scholars thesis’, which they had been working on since their freshman year. This year’s theme was “The Responsibility of Choice,” and each girl presented a synthesis of research that demonstrated the connection between actions and consequences.

The presentations ranged from topics such as reading and education, to voting in America. Correna Tate discussed millennials and the politics of people from a range of generations. She researched the nuances that come with information about millennials that challenged the stereotypes they face. Many parents and students were impressed to see how the statistics Tate shared proved the stereotypes wrong.

One topic stuck out, which was on education, presented by Sarah Daus. Her project, “Changing the Narrative: The Case for Democratic Schooling”, gave insight on traditional schooling and the problems it creates with the school system, and offers and alternative method. Senior, McKenzie Tapp described Daus’ presentation as “a different view on something I’ve been a part of my whole life.” Senior, Katie Marx agreed saying “I felt like I really connected with what she was saying.”

Starting in 2008, Scholar Fest came about because Mrs. Kelly Kirwan, Director of McAuley Scholars, felt like “something was missing” and had an idea of an independent research project, calling it a “mini idea fest.” Six years later and Kirwan feels like it has improved each year.  This proved successful because this year showed the largest attendance.

Kirwan is extremely proud of the “great eight” and all the hard work and focus they put into their projects this year, stating, “the students rose to the occasion.”

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