Code Like a Girl

By Lucy Wieland

An example of a project from AP Computer Science Principles

Technology is taking over, and now there is a greater need for people to get involved, especially women. Assumption offers two computer sciences classes that are a perfect way to learn how computers are used in all aspects of our world.

AP Computer Science Principles provides an overview of basic computers science principles and teaches students how to code. Students enjoy this class because it allows for creativity and doesn’t require a lot of math skills, for those not looking for another math class. Senior, Haley Weber loves the class and says, “It is totally different than other classes I have taken.” A lot of the class projects are spent working on logic coding and designing creative projects.

AP Computer Science Java goes into more depth with coding and the students learn the Java programming language and learn how to write programs. Like learning any foreign language, Java can be difficult to understand, but the students still love it. Lauryn Grady ’18 says, “I really like that it’s something different. I’ve always liked math, but I also don’t want to do a boring math career, and computer science is a lot more creative than you’d think because you’re writing programs.” Since taking the class, Grady has now found in interest in the field and wants to be a computer scientist, showing just how much students can get out of it.

Technology is used in almost every field and computer science is a high paying job. It is a great opportunity for women, which teacher Mrs. Terri Kurtz feels very passionately about. She says the class “opens their minds to a whole new way of thinking.” She encourages more students to take the class because it will help them immensely in the future. Kurtz says, “If you can learn how to code or how a computer works, it can help you with any field.” Everybody is capable of taking this class and it can open many doors!

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