Cross Country Team Finishes 4th at State

By: Emily Porter

The Assumption Cross Country team competed in the State meet at the Kentucky Horse Park on November 4th. Senior, Sarah Michaels finished 22nd with a time of 20:14. Michels has been injured for most of the season, but ran her best for the team. “If I didn’t run state I don’t think we would’ve made the podium. My feet were hurting pretty bad the week before, but I knew I had to race anyway. It was all about the team, I did it for the team,” says Michels. Senior, Sarah Whalen was the second runner in line after Michels with her finishing time being 20:35. Whalen came in 29th. Freshman, Taylor White, finished only a couple seconds after Whalen with a time of 20:48. Other finishers were Lauryn Grady (21:02), Rachel Dierken (21:05), Bailey Masterson (21:23), and Jessica Stein (21:29). “Your fitness, your legs (or feet in Sarah’s case), or your emotions, may not always be where you want them, but the real test of a great team is how they respond to their situation – and we responded like great teams respond,” says Coach Barry Haworth. The team finished 4th overall, with overwhelming support from the teammates who didn’t run.

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