Dancing their Way to the Top

By Lucy Wieland, Photo Editor

To nobody’s surprise, the Assumption Dance Team won the Small Jazz State competition this year, earning yet another state title, but this year was different – special. For the first year, KHSAA has recognized dance as a state sport, and on Wednesday, January 3, they had the chance to celebrate their victory at a whole school assembly for the first time. This celebration was a new and exciting experience for the girls. Senior, Megan Sturgeon says, “It was kind of weird because we’re not used to that. We’re used to performing, not talking and giving speeches.”

The dancers work hard year-round practicing sometimes every day, for a week, for several hours all to make a two-minute performance look as perfect as possible. Their performances wouldn’t be as amazing if it weren’t for the bond the girls share, “We have a connection,” says Sturgeon. Senior, Elena Brownlee explained that it’s important they drive each other and support each other a lot. They have to work hard to make sure everyone looks the same and more importantly realize that each member knows they’re an important part of the team.

Perhaps the reason the dance team has had so much success is because their routines always stand out. Unlike the other teams they compete against, their routines follow a story-line that the coach has deemed the “x-factor.”  The hard work doesn’t end here, though. They will be competing at nationals in February and have no days off until then, and Assumption will all be here cheering them on.

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