Podcasts You Should Know About

By Sarah Daus 

  1. My Favorite Murder

Comedians Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff host this true-crime themed podcast. With over 100 episodes (and a new one every week), it’s enough entertainment for at least a month! Every episode, Karen and Georgia each share one true crime or murder story. Their banter and wittiness will have listeners laughing out loud. Fans of Forensic Files or Making a Murderer rejoice—this podcast tops comedy charts for a clear reason.

  1. Dirty John (LA Times)

For those who want to be sucked into a story but who still wish to be horrified at every turn, Dirty John is the podcast for you. Chronicling many of the interactions between con man and serial-liar “Dirty” John Meehan and his wives, this podcast has twists and turns abound. It’s a simple six episodes complete with an ending. Some would say the best part is the interviews with his ex-wives and other people in his life, as it makes this true tale feel all the more real.

  1. Today Explained (Vox Media)

A daily, under-20-minute briefing of the most important things in the news that day. This podcast is like putting on a stream of the most important headlines with only the necessary commentary on each one. Unlike the news, there’s no timeslot to fill or quota to reach. Vox delivers only the useful and important news right to your earbuds.

  1. Unladylike

To be inspired by two delightfully intelligent and funny hosts who are full of a feminist energy like no other, look no further than Unladylike. When women break the rules, Caroline Ervin and Cristen Conger discuss the results. It encourages listeners to be exactly as enraged as they should be about issues that affect women every day.

  1. By the Book

Curious to know what life would be like if every step from a self-help book was put into action? So were comedians Jolenta Greenburg and Kristen Meinzer. In their podcast, every episode is dedicated to living by the rules of a different book. From ­The Five Love Languages to Bored and Brilliant, Jolenta and Kristen follow the guides and discuss what works and what doesn’t. They are as fascinating as they are funny, and it’s an easy listen—especially if you don’t have time to read a self-help book.

  1. Hidden Brain (NPR)

For those more intrigued by science, explore human behavior and the brain with host Shankar Vedantam. Learn about unseen patterns that influence everyday decisions everyone is making, and unlock the craziness of the hidden brain.

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