2018 Mercy Day Celebration

By Mya Todd, Staff Member

Mercy Day is a day celebrated around the world to honor Catherine McAuley. Catherine McAuley opened her house in Dublin, Ireland on September 24th, 1827. Catherine was committed to a life of service, and this day honors the great works of mercy that she did throughout her lifetime and beyond. Assumption has empowered many of us to stand up for the injustices in society, just as Catherine did. At the celebration the topics of sexual assault, gun violence, abortion, the death penalty, the Cambodia school, and so many more things were brought up with many students coming up to the microphone to address how they, as students, fight for a change.

At the Mercy Day Celebration, the Assumption community chooses someone who they believe models Catherine and her values. A Model of Mercy is a person committed to the values of Jesus Christ.  He or she is well-educated, self-disciplined, enriched by diversity, and tolerant of others’ differences. They are compassionate, generous, able to lead, and willing to serve. They are a person that his or her peers think of as a role model and person of faith. This year the Models of Mercy were Pam Conway, Amy Schelb, Claire Burgin, Emma Able, and Emily Lewantowicz. These women were recognized by their peers as someone who exemplifies the values of the Sisters of Mercy.

Not only are current Assumption students living out Catherine McAuley’s values, but so are others in our community. Alumnae from Assumption, Katherine Mullins and Erin McHugh, talked about how they continue to live out the Sisters of Mercy’s values. These women continued to live a life of service throughout the walls of Assumption. Mullins devoted her life to working with pre-school aged children, who have special needs, and their families. McHugh is a missionar currently living in Guatemala who empowers her students there.

At the celebration, we celebrate the numerous things Assumption students do to serve the common good. Students have done things such as attend marches for gun control, donate blood, fight for mental health awareness, and been a part of clubs such as Green Dot, and been a Mary Byron scholar. Catherine McAuley advocated for topics like these, and the Mercy Day Celebration at Assumption commends those in our community for following in Catherine McAuley’s footsteps.

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