Weather Wreaks Havoc in Indonesia

By Jorgia McMeans, Design Editor

While Louisville is complaining of the harsh change in weather from summer to fall, citizens all over Indonesia fight for their lives while enduring multiple natural disasters. On September 28th, this small corner of the world experienced widespread damage caused by a series of earthquakes which later triggered a tsunami. The devastation in Indonesia is immeasurable at this point. According to a source at CNN, the Indonesian earthquakes have claimed over two thousand lives. The island of Sumatra, Indonesia is mother nature’s most recent victim. Friday, torrential rain triggered a landslide that swept away a school along with twenty one school children. Eleven of these children have been rescued, but ten are still missing in the destruction. Over eight other areas have suffered landslides. Houses, businesses, and schools have all been swept away by seven-foot toxic waters. Experts say the floods show no sign of stopping.

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