The View of a New Voter

A lot has been going on in the year of 2018 like natural disasters, privacy scares, and loads of social and political change. It is the leaders that we elect to office that determine the United States’ response to the issues this country faces, including gun control, immigration, and sexual harassment cases, and this is why the midterm elections are so important.

The midterm elections are the elections that occur during the 2nd year of president’s four-year term. It’s literally during the middle of the president’s term, hence the name. All the members of the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate are up for re-election. This election is a big deal for the Congress because it could change who holds the power in Congress, and it could drastically change the political landscape, affecting which bills are heard in Congress and which ones will eventually be passed into laws.

In a time when politics are at the forefront of the news, this is a tremendous chance for the younger generations to pitch in and help. It is an opportunity for them to have a say in what is going on in their country and help elect representatives who share their values and viewpoints on different issues. There are some things that should be remembered before you vote like that you need to pre-register before you go and vote. This can be done online, through snail mail, or in person. Another thing to remember is that you need to bring a form of ID when you go vote so they can confirm that you are the correct voter. While both these things mentioned are needed to vote, the most important thing to remember is to vote for who you want.

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