Lead by the Leaf

By Brookelyn Clark, staff member

Sophie Ice, a junior in BLOOM Theatre has recently been chosen to have her play. “The Circle of Leaf” shown in Actor’s Theatre of Louisville for the New Voices Young Playwrights Festival. In September, Sophie began to look for inspiration to write her play for Assumption’s winter production, BLOOM, which publishes student’s 10-minute plays. When submitting finished plays for BLOOM, playwrights also submit to Actors’ who are producing 8 plays out of the submitted 836.

“I could not figure out what I wanted to write about, so I was looking at anything for inspiration.” Ice said. Ice actually gained her inspiration for her play while in physics class, when she noticed a tree with a patch of brown leaves that sparked her inspiration. From this tree, she decided to write about two leaves who are attached to the same branch. “I worked really hard on it, and I care about it a lot,” Ice said.

The two leaves, Maple and Chestnut, are best friends, but Chestnut is beginning to turn yellow. The story is followed by Maple coming to terms that their best friend will not be around forever.

After Ice finished her play, she sent it in not expecting to get a call back, but a few weeks later, she was delighted to find out her play was being produced both at Assumption and at Actors’! “It warmed my heart so much that professionals in the theatre business chose my play to be produced.” Assumption’s production of her play will be shown as a part of the BLOOM theatre program on February 22nd. Actors’ production will be performed from April 23-25.

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