Mission Week 2019: Empowering Young Women to Speak Up and Speak Out

By: Mary Favier, Kyla Martin, Grace White, Camryn Payne, Emily Payne, and Sydney Ott

Excellence Empowers is part of our mantra at Assumption, and it’s what this year’s mission week was built around. To kick off the week, a whole-school assembly was held as Chef Jet Tila discussed his story of going from rags to riches. Later that day, all grades heard from inspiring speakers, Hannah Drake and Josh Sundquist, about overcoming obstacles in life and growing into the best versions of themselves. On the second day of Mission Week, freshmen visited their family agencies and explored different parts of Louisville to get a better sense of the world around us and ways they can help others in their communities. On Wednesday, freshmen started the day watching “Finding Kind”, a beautiful documentary about finding the solution to the “girl world” bullying epidemic that extends across the country. This hit home for most girls, and some even shared stories of their experiences with bullying and kind words to the entire class. Then, Assumption alum Taylor Long spoke to freshmen about body positivity and feeling comfortable in your own skin. To finish out the most influential day of Mission Week 2019, Angie Fenton spoke to girls about knowing self-worth and accepting the fact that each individual is “enough”. It has been a wonderful week, but most freshman can agree: Wednesday meant the most to all of us.

Bullying is a huge issue among girls, and it has been for years. After Wednesday, many freshmen opened up about experiences they’ve had in the past and how they have overcome their obstacles. Among the girls that we interviewed, the most common form of bullying that has been experienced among AHS girls in the past was name calling. Girls were called things like fat, ugly, big, too fat, too sensitive, and too small, just because of the way they looked on the outside. Other girls experienced things like rude glares, cyberbullying, and gossip. Fortunately, AHS girls are lucky enough to attend a school that has zero tolerance for bullying in any way, shape, or form, and most girls we interviewed shared that they haven’t experienced any more bullying since they started high school.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that every girl isn’t experiencing some form of bullying from an outside-of-school source. The good thing about having a community of intelligent, brave, and compassionate girls who have experienced bullying is that they can pass on advice and wisdom about how to move on and get back up when someone puts you down. The girls we interviewed had some amazing things to say. One student said, “find your own self beauty.” This is important to always keep in mind because every girl deserves to know her self-worth and to be confident in themselves. Each girl is beautiful in their own way, and what we love about Assumption is the fact that differences are embraced here. Another student said, “talk to people you trust and people that you are close to, or even people that can help your situation.” From our own personal experiences and through hearing the experiences of others, keeping things to yourself doesn’t help – in fact, it might do just the opposite. You might end up feeling more hurt in the end. However, every AHS girl has the opportunity to talk to teachers, their counselor, their parents, and their close friends. All of the girls we interviewed talked about how telling a trusted individual helped their situations. Another student told us that their mother passed some wise words onto them, that may help girls in a bullying situation. Her mother tells her, “this too shall pass.” This is so important for many girls to understand. Nothing is forever. Hard times will come and go, and the people around you can help you get through them. A majority of the girls we interviewed said something along the lines of, “wait it out.” Things get better with time.

This Mission Week has been full of emotion – laughter, tears, support. We are so blessed to get the opportunity to hear people share experiences and advice in the hopes of a better community. The freshmen class has grown so much this week and has gotten much closer than before. Excellence Empowers, and there is excellence in all of us. Together, this community can do amazing things.


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  • 03/01/2019 at 6:00 PM

    I love this! Your awareness of your responsibility to protect and empower each other is inspiring and deeply moving.


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