Missoula: A Must Read

By Julia Zuhars, Staff Member

In a country that claims to be the safest in the world, a heinous crime is occurring at an alarming rate. It
claims an enormous number of victims and is often dismissed. It traumatizes its victims, leaving them with physical and emotional turmoil. This crime does not discriminate, it doesn’t care where the victim is
from, nor their social status. This overlooked injustice is rape and/or sexual assault.

Jon Krakauer is the author behind Missoula: Rape and The Justice System in a College Town. This nonfiction work dives into the frequently occurring issue of rape and sexual assault on The University of Montana’s Campus. Missoula highlights several rapes/assaults by Griz players on Montana’s highly esteemed football team. Krakauer uses his skills to explain the trauma, the aftermath, and the injustice each case is treated with. His suspenseful style of writing keeps the reader hanging on the edge of their seat and engaged.

This work forces the reader to open their eyes to the horrible truths regarding assault.  Missoula raises awareness and educates readers on the dangers of assault. I personally believe this amazing book is a must read. Missoula is not only interesting, it could save one’s own life, or the life of a loved one. After reading Missoula, I learned about the tragic truths surrounding sexual assault and rape on campus. This book should be a requirement to read before teens head off to college, because it does what so many are afraid to do. It looks at the overlooked injustice.

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