Will You Take Back the Final Rose?

By Anna Black, J1 Liaison

Chris Harrison, host of The Bachelor, finally lived up to his word when he stated that this finale was going to be the most dramatic one ever. It seems that somehow every season is “the most dramatic ever” but Colton Underwood’s season was a true testimony to this statement. Underwood broke the conventional Bachelor rules and did something that no other person has ever done on the show: broke up with the other runner-ups, Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams, in pursuit of one girl, Cassie Randolph.

Randolph voluntarily chose to leave right before the fantasy suite date due to fears of not fulfilling Underwood’s wishes. In a People article, Randolph stated how “Colton was so good at articulating how he was feeling about me, and I was trying to get there. But it got to a point when there was three of us left, and an engagement in two weeks, and I still hadn’t told him I loved him. I didn’t want to take away the possibility [of a proposal] for him.” Underwood was heartbroken by Randolph leaving and did everything possible to get her back, including the infamous fence-jumping scene that went viral. He knew that the ultimate display of love was through actions and that is exactly what he did.

Underwood then showed up at each of the runner-up’s hotel room to explain that his heart was with someone else, Cassie, and he needed to do this for her. After he had sent both Adams and Godwin home, he pursued Randolph. When Underwood came to see her again, he explained how he broke off his relationship with other two women and would do whatever it would take and wait however long for her, he loved her like he has never loved anyone before. Randolph was moved by his commitment to her and their relationship and decided to abandon her fears and continue with this journey. The couple agreed that they must move at their own pace and take it slowly, Randolph stating how, “We didn’t to rush something that was going to be forever,” according to People.

Viewers of the show raised concerns regarding Underwood’s feelings about Randolph originally leaving. Though Colton does not hold anything against her for this because of the immense amount of love he has for Randolph and her for him, which is all that matters. Since the finale, the couple has constantly been spotted together and seem closer than ever.

Although their journey was unlike any other Bachelor’s, they wouldn’t change it for the world. They worked through their relationship on their terms and were realistic with their goals, and now they are simply enjoying the life of dating. Talks of engagement have transpired though they are content with their status right now and simply want to enjoy their relationship with no pressures.

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