About Us

AHSRocketLaunch is the website for the student journalism at Assumption High School, located at 2170 Tyler Lane in Louisville, Kentucky 40205. It is designed to inform students of happenings within the school as well as the world beyond. Stories are written to appeal primarily to students; however, faculty, staff, administrators, parents, and the community are also potential audiences. AHSRocketLaunch is a member of the Kentucky High School Journalism Association, the National Scholastic Press Association, the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and Quill and Scroll. The AHSRocketLaunch Wordpress website has the the Custom MH Magazine lite theme. Comments are welcome, but must originate from an AHSRockets.org email address. All content does not represent the opinions of Assumption High School, but rather those of the writers and advertisers.

AHS Rocketlaunch Staff:

Lisa Wieland: Adviser

Sara Magers ’17: Editor-In-Chief

Joanne Lagazo ’17: Video Editor

Emilie Haupt ’17: Social Media Editor