Dickerson takes a page from Dickenson’s book

Katie Monaghan

After putting in time as a study hall proctor and a substitute teacher, Lindsey Dickerson will now be teaching honors and honors 1 English for seniors and Journalism 1 for juniors. Dickerson is excited to be in the classroom working with students.

Dickerson enjoyed English throughout high school and became interested in teaching after a math teacher helped her reach her potential.  Dickerson, like her math teacher, is looking forward to helping students reach their goals.

While at Assumption, Dickerson took Journalism 1 and 2 and was the newspaper’s staff development coordinator. Dickerson graduated Assumption in 2007, went to Louisville, and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in secondary English education. Before coming to Assumption, Dickerson worked as a waitress at KT’s.

Dickerson plans to stay at Assumption teaching English and Journalism. Justin Strohmeier, who has worked at Assumption this past year as a substitute teacher, will be taking over for Dickerson. Linsey Dickerson