Fill your summer with both fun and activity


Maddie Taylor

A lot of teenagers pose the problem of trying to find things to do in the summer when they are stuck at home by themselves.  Because most high school students don’t have cars, driving somewhere is put of the question. So they are stuck with what is in their house and what is in the neighborhood.

Many neighborhoods have pools that are walking distance from most of the houses; that’s a good way to get some fresh air and some sun rather than sitting in a stuffy house.  You can lay out at the pool and bring a good book to read.

Kelly Brinkman, junior, said “I am going to spend my senior year summer running and training for my last season of Assumption field hockey so that we can win state again.”

Teenagers should always try to get some activity in every day, not watching Netflix all day and eating whatever is in the pantry.  Pick an activity that will get you up and moving, but it should also be fun so you will continue to do it.

Stuck at home picture