The best techniques for preparing for exams

Maddie Taylor

Exams are coming up and a lot of students struggle because they can’t find a technique that is beneficial to them to study for their final exams.  Everyone is different and needs their own way to study to make sure they are going to succeed during finals.

Studying in a clean room is always a good way to increase your productivity. Clutter will distract a student from putting all of their focus into the subject.  It may be necessary to leave the house or at least a bedroom.

Emma Rooney, junior, said “I usually go to Starbucks and do all of my studying there because it’s quiet and there is free Wi-Fi.”

For some people listening to music is useful, especially with people that have ADD/ADHD. If music is necessary, try to find a song that is instrumental or one where the words aren’t distracting.

One of the most commonly known methods for success is to get a lot of sleep the night before and eat a good, healthy breakfast the morning of the exam. Those are still true and should always be a part of a student’s routine every day before school.