Humans of AHS: Audrey Cissel



Audrey, a sophomore at Assumption, is working every day to be the best person that she can be in life.

In addition to playing basketball and running track, Audrey stated, “I’m involved in the Mary Byron scholarship group, FCA, and Green Dot.”

Not only does she play two sports competitively, but Audrey participates in many other extracurricular activities, including clubs within the school and other things outside of school in order to better herself and others.

When describing a mission trip she went on, Audrey shared “We went to Cairo, Illinois and it was a good experience because I got to meet all different kinds of people and [hear] all different stories. I got to help and play with grade school kids, first through fifth grade.”

As shown through that mission, Audrey is constantly doing what she can to be a good person. She credits her drive from her biggest role model who has been there for her throughout her life. Audrey stated, “My mom…is very strong and determined and even through really rough times, she has always found a way to provide for me and my sisters.”

On top of all the school activities, mission trips, and family events, Audrey has many talents no one knows about that she works to master in her free time. “I like to knit and sew. My grandma is teaching me how to make a sweater.”

Audrey Cissel may appear as simply an athlete, but she is actually so much more. She is on a mission to be the best person she can be in every aspect of her life; through dedication and hard work, Audrey is well on her way to becoming that person.