The Perfect Christmas Wishlist


The holidays are right around the corner, and with supply chain delays, people recommend you start your shopping earlier. Christmas is most peoples favorite holiday so starting your shopping earlier is no big deal. Christmas isn’t just about the gifts its about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Keeping that in mind is a very big part of celebrating. You don’t need a Christmas list to get someone a gift that is special and means a lot to them. Most teens want some of the same things for Christmas because they want what is in style at the time. This year people have been talking about multiple things that are in style that they want. One big item that people are wanting this year is UGG slippers. These slippers are perfect for the winter time because they are so soft and comfortable. As they might be a little pricey, they sure are worth your money. Another item that people always love receiving is some type of jewelry, weather it’s cute or truly means something to them. Most stores located at Mall St. Matthews and Oxmoor Mall sell some sort of jewelry. Getting someone something as little as a bracelet can end up meaning so much more to them than spending a whole bunch of money. One last item that someone would love receiving is some headphones. Listening to music is a very big thing to do right now. Everyone loves listening to some music when they are bored, working on homework, or even stressed out. There are multiple different types of headphones, like Bluetooth or a pair that plugs right into your phone. All headphone prices range from pretty affordable to very expensive for headphones. This can be very convenient when shopping because you can choose exactly what you want and how much you want to spend. While these gifts do sound amazing, Christmas means so more than receiving gifts. Happy Holidays!

By: Payton Seymour