21 Pilots new album “Blurry Face” to be released May 19

The two man band 21 Pilots have taken America by storm in the past couple years. Starting as just two guys with some skull masks performing basement gigs and slowly beginning bring crowds of 1000’s to come see Tyler Joseph rap/sing and Josh Dun play the drums.

Their music is upbeat and driven by pianos and drums. Their first album Regional at Best was released in 20ll, then in 2013 Vessel was released a much more upbeat tune than the first but had many of the same themes within their songs. A lot of their music goes along with the themes that life is hard but you need to work through and everything will be okay you are not along.
Now coming May 19th is their newest album “Blurry Face” if you go to their fan pages you can see the whole track list, the songs “Fairly Local” and “Tear in my Heart” have already been released as singles and you can see their music videos. The album follows similar themes as their other music and many fans have high expectations.

Article by: O.Polston

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