Music Review: Alessia Cara is Breaking Walls in the Music Business

Canada, eh? This year has been the year of the Canadian, ranging from the Weeknd’s “Beauty Behind the Madness” to Justin Bieber’s newly released album “Purpose” and now it’s rising star, Alessia Cara’s time to take the spotlight.

Cara started covering songs on YouTube as a teenager which allowed her to get her name out into the music world. However, her action of putting her hit, “Here” on the Fader, a music related website, is what really got people’s attention. She later signed onto the Def Jam Recordings and produced her EP, “Four Pink Walls.”

The five song EP starts off with the pop song “Seventeen”. She sings about growing up and being excited for the chance to be mature and independent. With lyrics like ‘I was too young to understand what it means/ I couldn’t wait ‘til I could be seventeen.’ Cara describes the feeling of not being able to wait to grow up and to get the chance for better things that most kids go through. Later as the song progresses, she states ‘I’m a know it all/ I don’t know enough’ which matches the feeling of growing up and realizing all the chances you missed to stay young.

Being only 19 years old, Cara writes lyrics that are easily relatable for the teenage audience like in her single, “Here.” Her debut song starts off with a slow drum beat and she runs in with her powerful voice singing about being uncomfortable at a party. Her lyrics pan out to tell a story about her friends bring her to a party and how it ends up not being her scene. She came to the party with her friends and by the end of it, she is alone and ready to leave. The R&B sound give the song an unimpressed and detached feel different to the normal party song.

Of course, no EP would be complete without the love song. In Cara’s case, it’s “I’m Yours”. With a techno beat to it, she wraps up the EP with letting a new boy in after an old one had broken her heart. The boy works his way into Alessia Cara’s heart even through all the walls she has built up.

“Four Pink Walls” will do the same thing. Even if you don’t listen to R&B type music, Alessia Cara’s lyrics with impress you and draw you in so that you want to listen to her EP.

By: Reid Carter

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