Music Review: A 16 Year Old with a Big Voice Tops Charts

From mellow versus to upbeat choruses, Bea Miller’s debut album, Not An Apology, has it all. Her album came out in July 2015, and since then has blown up, hitting the top of the Billboard charts within the first week it was released.

After competing on the X Factor as a 13-year-old in 2012, Miller was soon recognized for her strong voice and sweet personality. She signed a collaborative contract with Hollywood Records and Syco Music a year later, and debuted her EP in 2014. She was soon touring with artists, including Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony, gaining popularity and experience.

In previous interviews, Miller has stated that she’s very focused on making sure she doesn’t become just another generic pop artist, and this shines through in her album. The tracks include a wide variety of styles, and no two sound the same. Some of the songs include electric guitar and drums, and others are acoustic and focus on the interesting lyrics.

Miller’s first single, “Young Blood”, is one of the more laid back songs on the new album. It puts focus on her voice, including background vocals and harmonies. The instrumentals are subtle and the melody is simple and pretty. One of the other more popular songs on the album, “Fire N Gold”, is more upbeat. It showcases a catchy beat and louder background instrumentals. Both songs still emphasize Miller’s voice, and she isn’t drowned out by the accompaniment.

The potential that Miller has as an artist is amazing, and I’ll be surprised if her voice doesn’t take her far in the future! After listening to her debut album, I doubt you’ll be expecting an apology. It’s something you won’t regret checking out.

By: Rosie Bartley

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