Humans of AHS: Barb Lutmer

Math teacher Barb Lutmer born in Avon, South Dakota, found her second home at Assumption high school.

Lutmer comes from a family of ten; two boys and eight girls. She is the 6th youngest in her family. Barb now focuses on the family she has created with her husband. Two kids, Abby, 22 and Zach, 25 and celebrates the life of her granddaughter, 2 years old. What Lutmer is most proud of is her children’s accomplishments. She states,

 “[I am most proud of]My children finishing college and being successful people.”

Lutmer started her current position at Assumption eight years ago and couldn’t be happier. When she was younger she never saw herself teaching math, but now she couldn’t see herself doing anything different. 

Prior to Lutmer joining the rocket family, she educated students at Holy Cross and Holy Trinity. Barb Lutmer sees herself still educating students and being a part of the Assumption community 5 years down the road.

By: Holly Wurthbarb lutmer 2

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