New and upcoming yoga place owned by Alumnae, Jessi Alexander ’97

Your Yoga is a remarkable yoga studio. It is brand new, located on Bardstown road in the Gardiner Lane Shopping Center. That is a great location because there aren’t nearby locations to practice yoga around this area. The owner, Jessi Alexander, is a member of the Class of 1997. With the owner being an alumnae from Assumption, she will most likely get a lot of AHS business.

It is $18 a class. There are other pricing options as well. Also, they have numerous classes you can go to. There is regular yoga and hot yoga to pick from. You do not have to be very experienced to go here.

The Hatha Flow yoga class, instructed by Shelby Mills, was very relaxing and calming. The instructor did a fantastic job with helping people who have not done much yoga before. They had yoga mats for everyone and other accessories you might need while meditating. If you are looking for a nice and relaxing yoga studio to go to, I would suggest going to Your Yoga.


By: Jessie Greive yoga

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