Summer ideas when stuck in the state of boredom

During the time of summer there is only so much you can do before finally BAM – you find you self-bored with nothing to do. There are two forms of boredoms 1. Your bored and alone or 2. Bored with your friends.


We are all so use to this doing the same thing almost every day claiming there’s nothing to do when we don’t even try to get out of the ordinary rut.

Have no fear! Here are some helpful suggestions – when it comes to eating why get pizza when you can try a wild boar burger and a kangaroo meatball. At the restaurant Game located on Lexington Road one can find all different assortments of meat from goat, elk, duck, even bison!


The Speed Art Museum takes all art to a new level in more ways than one. From looking at pieces to a cinema, with hands on and visually fun for all. Exhibitions and collection that will make you want to come back for more.


On Pond Station Rd you’ll find the Paintball Asylum where you and your friends can have fun playing paintball, laser tag, and even airsoft. With three fields to choose from, you can try to hide, run and shoot in a village in the woods, an enclosed castle, or the urban field. Bring a friend to battle or better yet a group.


By: Madison Schoenbachler

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