Vanishing Girls


I never had a sister but three brothers. My whole life I have wondered what a relationship with someone who will or did share the same experiences with you. Reading “Vanishing Girls” by Lauren Oliver it gave me a brief insight as to what having a sister, particularly a close one, would be like.

The book starts with two sisters: the younger one Dara and the elder by a year, Nicole. They two are inseparable, willingly best friends, until gradually a boy both Dara and Nicole love, Parker, comes between them; and then something worse.

The sisters are involved in a car crash leaving Nicole unscathed, but Dara with serious injuries. Neither of them can recollect the accident but it is clear that it wasn’t just a normal car accident.

As time progresses and Nicole and Dara live as though the other doesn’t exist, a young girl in the community goes missing. This only adds to the strangeness of the book as the car accident and the disappearance seem to be related. Nicole becomes obsessive with the case and as see inches closer and closer to the truth and further and further away from Dara, the truth starts to unravel and both sisters become in the line of danger. The mystery starts to become uncovered and unfortunate realities of their community starts to unravel.

Even though parts of the book can be considered cheesy, “Vanishing Girls” by Lauren Oliver is a very fast and interesting read. There is an entertaining plot line and a brilliant plot twist at the end that leaves you pondering for days. I recommend this book for anyone trying to get back into reading with a good story, or simply someone who likes fast-paced mysteries; there will be a lot you won’t be expecting.






By: Lyndsey Newport

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