Poetic Interpretations: Syrian Civil War

Poetic Interpretations: Syrian Civil War and ISIS Terrorism

Maggie Jordan ’19 // September 9, 2016


“They’re all terrorist.”

“They need to go back to their own country.”

They say as gasoline drips off their tongue,

causing a fire fueled by their ignorance,

ignite in me.

But can’t they see,

People are dying in streets,

paved by hate of another’s makings?

But can’t they see,

their homes are lost,

lost in rumble and belligerence of others makings?

But can’t they see,

innocence being cut out of children,

with a sharp blade welded with bloodshed and poverty?

But can’t they see,

that they’re human beings,

just like you and me?

They’re human beings,

suffering suffocating at the hands of another man’s beliefs.

But they can’t fully see,

when their eyes are only half open.

Only open to seeing what they think to be true,

missing out on the real truth,

humans just like me,

just like you,

in agony.


Photo Source: Voice of America News: Henry Ridgwell from the Turkish border by Aleppo [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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