Emma Steele ’17 // September 21, 2016
Her personality was shapeless and I just couldn’t figure her out
There were circles and there were squares, but her mold couldn’t fit into either
She was as far from ordinary as it comes and couldn’t tell of it was a blessing or a curse
No one knew where to place her and her strange mold
So she floated along leaving on abundance of pieces from herself every she went
People tried to form her mold into the puzzle piece society needs her to be so she could have a place
She wondered what was so bad in being shapeless
She was shunned by the circles, shunned by the squares
She ran rancid throughout the world because that’s all she had ever known
Every day her mold would change, admiring different colors and different shapes
She was like an explosion of every aspect in the world
Instead of wasting time weeping she embraced her shapeless self
She had the epiphany she is one of a kind in this world not molding into either circle or square


Graphic Source: Sara Magers ’17

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