A Guide to the Perfect Fall Makeup

A Guide to the Perfect Fall Makeup

Aubrey Rogerson ’17 // December 7, 2016


Colors typically associated with autumn are red, orange, yellow and brown. All around you’ll see people in dark colored sweaters and brown boots with matching scarves. But what colors are appropriate for fall makeup?
Foundation color is an item used year round, but eyeshadow tones change with the seasons. Summer is ideal for wearing bold colors, and winter is a time for greys. Even spring has its own bright color scheme! Once October hits, there is one word to live by: neutral.
Autumn makeup is a mix of tans, browns, and gold. The warmer the tone, the more ideal it will be for fall, but for those of us who crave individuality, dark purples are acceptable too.
As far as palettes go, Naked 1 and 2 are always a safe bet for the pre-winter months along with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance. However, it’s sometimes not the best idea to drop hundreds of dollars on these luxurious pallets, but thankfully, there are some drug store equivalents that won’t dry out your wallet. Sonia Kashuk’s Neutral Shimmer 3 Palette, Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked Redemption Eyeshadow Palette, and L’Oréal Colour Riche Palette Nude 1 are just a few of many cheaper options.
The next time you go to do your makeup between October and December, remember one thing: the warmer the color, the better!


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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