Review of Teen Wolf’s Final Season Premier

Review of Teen Wolf’s Final Season Premier
Aubrey Rogerson ’17 // January 10, 2017

Teen Wolf’s final season came out with a bang.
The story is centered around two teenage best friends, Stiles Stilinski, played by Dylan O’Brien, and Scott McCall, played by Tyler Posey. The two boys are both awkward, uncoordinated, and crushing on girls they cannot get. That is, until Scott McCall begins his transformation into a werewolf, dragging Stiles into his frequent, life-threatening situations. Together, they go from nobodies to Batman and Robin without the tights and capes.
In the usual Teen Wolf fashion, the season premier was filled with suspense and inquiry. The Wild Hunt, a supernatural band of men who come in by way of storm and horse, are looming over Beacon Hills. From the trailers, it is obvious that Stiles is in danger of being erased from everyone’s memory permanently.
It is no secret from the interviews with executive producer, Jeff Davis, and countless sneak peaks at the season that Stiles does become lost to the people that he loves. The most shocking event was not that Jeff Davis decided to remove Stiles from Beacon Hills but the fact that he did it in the first episode.
So, there are only two questions to answer: will Scott and his pack save Stiles or will the pack be lost forever, too?

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