Seniors give advice about second semester

Seniors give advice about second semester
Maddie Smith, Managing Editor ’17 // January 10, 2017


Second semester is here, and that means the school year is almost over! For the Class of 2017, this is their last semester at AHS, but for the freshman, it is the end of their first year. As second semester starts up, several seniors were asked how their second semester freshman year was different from their last second semester at AHS.

When asked how she feels about her last semester, Mary Kate McQuade said “I’m just nervous. Very excited and anxious, but a good anxious.” Logan Mattingly agreed, saying, “I just started to realize that everything I do is my last time… It’s really scary.”

When looking at senior year, many people expect seniors to not care about their school work as much. Mary Kate and Logan agreed that this is sometimes a factor. “Senior Slide is real!” Mary Kate said, “But, this is my hardest year yet. The motivation isn’t there as much because I have gotten into college… we work to get to this point and now we are here.”

Logan and Mary Kate agreed that there is a lot more stuff going on outside school as well. With jobs, college visits, sports, and more, the seniors are busy with so many things. This can make it even harder to focus on school work. They also said they try to make more time for friends because they won’t see them next year.

Lastly, Logan and Mary Kate had some advice for the freshman. They stressed the importance of living in the moment and taking it all in. “Enjoy the stuff now that you won’t have,” Mary Kate says. They suggest that the Class of 2020 does their best in school but also remembers to get sleep and “Allow yourself to be a child!” says Logan.

As this school year closes, remember this advice from the seniors and make the end of this school year the best it can be.

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