Young Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs

Emilie Haupt 17′ // January 23, 2017


Have you heard of Deadly Denim? 3 of your fellow Assumption seniors; Camille Judice, Olivia Delano, and Emma Steele, have started their own hand painted denim business.

These three visionaries have been in business only a few months and have already accomplished great success. Just in the last couple days they have paired with local Bardstown business Vintage Banana. This store specializes in re-selling vintage clothing and now hand painted denim!

When asked about how she feels about the fast pace to success senior Camille Judice said, “It is crazy, we did not think the business was going to blow up this fast. It’s awesome to see other people wearing your art.”

These girls have also teamed up with Benjamin Adams, a Louisville photographer. More famously know as @502Fame_. He has helped these girls photograph their hand painted masterpieces in the best light possible, giving them a boost on business and aesthetic.

Painting anything from denim shirts to jeans, these girls can truly do it all. They have a few options already painted and ready to sell, but they also take orders and will paint whatever your heart desires.

Make sure to check out Deadly Denim because you won’t want to miss out on this hot new trend of painted clothing, and what’s better than buying local and from fellow Assumption sisters.

Instagram @deadly.denim

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