Italian Avalanche

Italian Avalanche

Lyndsey Newport ’17 // February 6, 2017

Last week a major avalanche came tumbling down on an Italian homestead, Hotel Rigopiano. The unexpected catastrophe has left 29 dead with 11 people rescued. Almost all 11 people rescued were discovered within air pockets days after the avalanche consumed the hotel.

Amongst the 11 people rescued were four children that discovered alive with the ruins of Hotel Rigopiano. Multiple earthquakes earlier in the day trigged the avalanche, and created a greater risk for other avalanches in the days after.

A phone called emerged on the Tuesday after the earthquake that the director of Hotel Rigopiano has called two hours before the avalanche occurred urgently asking for assistance after guests were started to panic. Heavy snow fall made it impossible for guest and staff to leave making the impact of the avalanche inevitable.

With this tragedy has come some light. Over 11,000 people came together across the region to help dig through the snow and ruins to save as many people as possible. Along with new inspiration from unity, three sheepdog puppies were also discovered alive under the rubble bring some hope to the bleak situation.


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