A Guide to the Perfect Winter Look

A Guide to the Perfect Winter Look

Aubrey Rogerson ’17 // February 7, 2017

Looking for a winter eyeshadow look? Well, I can make it simple: gray. That’s all anyone needs to know.

Winter is not a bright season full of vibrant colors or sunshine, so wearing pink or any other loud color isn’t going to work. This season calls for duller tones like grays, white, and blacks, especially when blended together for the perfect smoky eye.

Since nobody likes to spend the money on multiple pallets and having too many makes any makeup bag bulky, it’s nice to find one pallet that contains every color you will need for the winter months. If anyone is searching for that perfect pallet for the colder months, look no further. Naked 2 is without a doubt the perfect set of shades for this season. Naked 2 Is composed of 12 colors: 3 browns, 3 grays, 1 black, and 4 tan shades that have many possible blending combinations.

At only $54, this beautiful pallet by Urban Decay is filled with deep, long lasting, and quality eyeshadows that will wow everyone.



Image Source: Urban Decay

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