Taziki’s Mediterranean Café (Restaurant Review)

 Taziki’s Mediterranean Café (Restaurant Review)

Caitlyn Raver ’17 // March 19, 2017


Choosing a place to eat for lunch or dinner is a simple decision that can cause major controversy among family and friends. I struggled with this until I found one of my favorite restaurants that stays at the top of my list: Taziki’s Mediterranean Café. Taziki’s opened in Middletown Louisville, KY in the summer of 2015 and remains the only location in the city.

When I walk in, I can immediately tell it is a Mediterranean Café from all the Greek decorations and from the diverse menu. The restaurant is very simple and causal, with wooden booths and tables covering the room. In the warmer seasons, the customers have the option to dine outside on the patio. It is really nice on a warm night when the string lights are on hanging around the seating area.

Taziki’s is a great place when looking for a quality meal but fast service. The customer waits in line to order at the cash register, hands the customer a number, then the worker brings the food to the table. From there, waiters walk around making sure everyone has what they need and provide refills. When going to restaurants like these, I usually don’t expect high quality food, but Taziki’s has some of the best grilled chicken or shrimp in the city! Since it is a Mediterranean Café don’t miss out on the Greek salad or their famous Taziki’s sauce.

If you’re having trouble deciding where to eat for dinner or lunch, or looking for a tasty and quick meal, Taziki’s is the place for you!

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