Students raise awareness with Denim Day

Students raise awareness with Denim Day

Rosie Bartley ’17 // April, 27, 2017


On April 26, 2017, the community of Assumption participated for the fifth in celebrating Denim Day, a day to reflect and raise awareness for sexual assault. The Denim Day campaign itself has been in action for 18 years, and was all spurred by one court case. After reviewing a rape case, the Italian Supreme Court concluded that because the victim of the rape was wearing tight jeans, the act must’ve been consensual. The members of Peace Over Violence, an activist group, were entirely opposed to this court ruling, and Denim Day was born.

Now, participants around the world, including the students, faculty, and staff of Assumption, wear denim jeans, jackets, shirt, and headbands to signify their support of the cause and make a statement through style. Denim has become a symbol of the sexual assault awareness and the importance of consent. Also at Assumption, students not only rocked their denim, but additionally signed pairs of jeans and tied small pieces of denim onto their lanyards. All was to convey the same message: we are against sexual assault.

This cause is one that many Assumption students are incredibly passionate about, and we wholeheartedly support Denim Day. More info at

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