A Hometown Scandal: The University of Louisville

By Chloe Bohn

The University of Louisville basketball team has been known to have scandals regarding their basketball team throughout past few years. And recently, there has been another. The FBI is currently investigating college basketball teams regarding recruiting methods. There are allegations that these universities have been offering top recruits money to commit to their schools, which is a violation of NCAA rules.

Brian Bowen, player that was paid by Adidas. (Photo from 247Sports.com).

The University of Louisville is part of the investigation. In their case, the coaches and university are not suspected to have bribed players, but a company is. Adidas, the sponsor of the University of Louisville, has allegations against them. The FBI has confirmed that the company conspired to pay Brian Bowen, a current freshman, $100,000 to play for UofL. A few days after they offered, he committed to the school. This brings much suspicion to the program, company, and player. Since the start of the investigation, Tom Jurich, the former Athletic Director, and Rick Pitino, the former basketball coach, have been fired. The positions have been since filled temporarily. The University of Louisville says that they will continue to work with the FBI and if there has been a violation of the NCAA rules, it will not be tolerated.

(Information from courier-journal.com)

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