Welcome Argentine Mercy Ambassadors!

By Lucy Wieland

Assumption High School is very excited to welcome 10 students from Colegio Santa Ethnea in Bella Vista, Buenos Aires, Argentina into the community. The group of girls arrived in Louisville on Tuesday, January 23, and will be staying for the next month. The exchange program, which started at Assumption 12 years ago, was created to allow the students from Argentina and Louisville to “Experience a sisterhood that cross continental boundaries,” says Mercy Ambassadors Exchange Assistant Coordinator, Mrs. Moore.

Students have the opportunity to learn about another culture and share Mercy education at different schools, the program educates everyone on a deeper level. The girls hosting this month are very excited about this amazing opportunity. Sharing her excitement about the program, junior, Jillian Stigler says, “I thought it would be cool to have a sister from a different country that you can share a sisterly bond with.”

In June, the Assumption girls will be traveling to Bella Vista to spend the month with their exchange students and families. Through their travels, they will have an enriching experience learning about the culture of Argentina and of the U.S. Those that participate in this program must be taking Spanish III and they will get the chance to further their Spanish knowledge while expanding their knowledge on the Circle of Mercy in a different place. This is an amazing experience for anyone that has the chance to participate, because of its creation of a sisterhood that defies borders.

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