Tips to Make Spring Break More Fun

By Emily Porter 

  • Use the buddy system- Always make sure you go everywhere with a buddy. Don’t go anywhere by yourself. With there being so many more people on the beaches during Spring Break season, it’s a lot more likely for something to happen, so always make sure you’re being safe. Even if you go to the restroom always take a friend because your group could have relocated during that time. You could have a designated buddy for the whole week, or even just grab someone in your group to go with you before you leave. Just stay together always.
  • Don’t skip out on sunscreen- Spring Break is basically the first time most of us are exposed to the sun since September. Its easy for our mindsets to go straight to: I need a tan, so I’ll just get burnt the first day and then it’ll turn into tan. Not only is this unsafe, but it’s not fun either! Who wants to be beet red the first day and then have to worry about what bathing suits and clothes don’t irritate your burn? If that sounds enjoyable, then go ahead. Don’t forget about the peeling afterwards as well! The tan will most likely go away the week after your vacation anyways, so it’s not worth it. You also increase your chance of getting skin cancer by 75% with just one bad sunburn. Safe your skin and your health and use your sunscreen at least every other hour.


  • Don’t drink and drive- This is probably the most important one. If you or your friends are drinking, do not get behind the wheel. You might think you feel fine, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This is a serious issue, and millions of spring breakers are still putting themselves in these situations. If you are drinking, call a friend, an Uber, or even your parents. Also, do not get in the car with someone who has been drinking. Drinking and driving is dangerous and millions of people every year die from drunk driving accidents. You do not want to turn into number on just another spring break statistic.


  • Keep valuables safe- We all have those things that are necessary to carry around with us everywhere. Things such as our phone, credit cards, and money are things that need to be kept safe even at the beach. Nothing would ruin a vacation more than having your money stolen, and not being able to eat the rest of the week. Avoid bringing a huge purse to the beach or any bag that someone can easily reach into. Instead, use a card holder that sticks to the back of your phone case. That way everything is in one spot and easily accessible. If you have a couple more necessities, use a fanny pack. Before you freak out about looking like a grandma, you can actually get really cute ones such as this watermelon one. Just make sure you have your valuable items on you at all times and don’t leave things at your spot on the beach.
  • Have a list of phone numbers- This is smart at pretty much any social situation where you’re with a large group of people. Keep this on you AT ALL TIMES. If your phone dies or you lose it, you can ask someone near to borrow their phone to contact the people you need to. If there is an emergency, you might not have access to your phone, but you can go to a place nearby to use one. This is a smart idea because you most likely don’t have all of your friends’ phone numbers memorized, and if you get lost you can reach out to them. Spring Break is meant to be relaxing, but if something bad were to happen it wouldn’t be very relaxing anymore. Remember to be safe and prepared during spring break, but don’t forget to have fun!

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