Faith Guides Students During Mission Week 2018

By Lucy Wieland, Photo Editor

During the last week of February Assumption High School students got to experience the annual Mission Week in a variety of different ways. Following the theme of “Faith Guides”, students spent the week listening to speakers, serving the community, and participating in mission trips. This is an important time in the community of Assumption because, as junior Cami Nazor says, “You get to branch out and learn things you don’t learn in school.”

The week kicked off with a keynote speaker, Emily Wilson, who spoke to students about being a woman of faith in today’s world and the challenges she faces. For freshmen, the theme of her speech continued as they learned to carry out their faith in their lives and understand their value as an individual. The sophomores spent the rest of their week learning to advocate and continuing to serve at their ACTS agencies, which helped them get to know the people at their agencies better. After the first day, the juniors spent continued their Mission Week outside the Assumption community by doing service around Louisville, job shadowing, and visiting colleges. Seniors had the opportunity to go on retreat, lead the freshmen, go on a mission trip, or participate in service activities around Louisville. No matter how different each student’s experience over Mission Week was, faith was seen throughout the whole week.

Senior, Julia Richmond, says she especially saw faith in the freshmen because, “They had faith in each other.” Through the numerous activities they did at Assumption, they grew as a class and bonded with each other. Freshman, Jane Luckett took the message of “Be Kind” strongly and felt inspired to be kind to everyone no matter what and be more open to different kinds of people because it will get you far in life. She says, “Your faith and free will can guide you to be kind.”

This week is very important for students because it shows how important the students are and brings awareness to certain issues. Mrs. Steutermann, the Director of Campus Ministry, made the week possible and feels that it is important for students because, “We want them to learn about themselves and their world through service and direct experience in their communities.  And we want them to see clear that they are valuable people with dignity and worth who truly make a difference in the world.”

There is a lot to take from Mission Week and many ways students can live out the theme in their lives. It’s important for students to respect themselves and have standards for themselves and be openminded. Students felt inspired to stay strong in their faith and be open to more service opportunities around the community. Mission Week will continue to have an impact on student in years to come, but each year will bring a new message to students. As Steutermann says, “Our goal is that over all four years, the mix of activities during Mission Week really helps students learn about themselves, believe in their worth, and truly make a difference in the larger world.”

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