The Annual End to Another Great Year of ACTS

By Lucy Wieland, Photo Editor 

On Wednesday, April 18, the sophomores will have brought their ACTS journey to an end, completing 40 hours of service around the community. ACTS (A Christian Through Service), is a service program that started as a way of putting the Christian principles into place. It gives students to practice the same work Catherine McAuley did even when it wasn’t common during her time. Assumption started this program as a way to form relationships and give back to the community.

The sophomores are assigned to different agencies around Louisville that work specifically with the elderly, people with special needs, and children in preschool and elementary school. The ACTS program coordinator, Katelyn Moore, says this “Allows students to be involved directly with people that are different from them.”

Moore’s hopes for students participating in ACTS is that they find it transformative and learn something about themselves they didn’t know before. She wishes for them to “Grow through the challenges and overcome awkwardness that comes from meeting new people different from them.” Despite any challenges the sophomores may have faced, their experience still proved successful and meaningful.

For Phoebe Bunting, who served at the Beinet School for the blind, ACTS was an especially rewarding experience. Finds ACTS important because “It gives everyone here the opportunity to grow in service.” Through her service work, she learned how to be patient and now feels like she you use this new skill throughout her life.

Another student, Ainsley Wuerth, was hoping to form bonds, and she was able to do just that at the Bluegrass Center for Autism. She knew to go in with an open mind and positive attitude, and that made the experience all the better for her. One of the most meaningful parts for her was to “Learn what it’s like to make a difference in someone’s life.”  The positive attitude she kept and developed is something she will continue to use. Her experience has helped her keep in mind the importance of staying positive, and she stresses how important it is to step out of your comfort zone and to be more willing to open up and reach out to people. Wuerth says, “Even if bad things are happening to you, you don’t have to take a negative outlook on things.”

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