Media Center Updates

By Katie Kraus, Staff Member

As many may have noticed, there have been many changes to the building over the summer, with the most notable being the new changes in the Media Center. These changes surprisingly started the day after school was over and lasted all through summer until right before school started again. The changes include things like repainting the ceiling, getting completely new desks and chairs, and removing the round tables with the desktops. Mrs. Lang, the president of Assumption, said all of these renovations go into the idea of “making the space a place where every student can study and learn, no matter what their needs are.” The space has tables for small group work, areas for large group work, couches for the comfortable learners, and even charging areas for the students. Students can come up to the media center during their studies to work with friends or by themselves. While the Achievement Center has not changed, it is still in use for those who need a group study session before a big test.


There is a lot that happened, unknown to the public, to make the Media Center what it is today. The majority of the design was done by Mrs. Johnson and a big thank you is due to Mr. Clark and the maintenance staff who greatly helped clean out and set up the new space. The main idea behind the design was to create a clean, sleek, and professional look that students would enjoy and would make them want to come to the Media Center. They also wanted the new look to be based on the school colors leading to maroon, black, and white being the most prevalent colors. In keeping with this new look, the Library Advisory Council, who organize the decorations and contests in the Media Center, will now be doing less decorations around the space and doing more contest-based work. After all of these big changes, it is encouraged for students to enjoy and get involved in the new Media Center.

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