An Interview with Royalty: September Pink Princess

By Cecilia McCoy, Staff Member

This month was the first time the Assumption seniors voted for a Pink Princess. A Pink Princess is an Assumption senior from each homeroom who is voted for by their classmates. The winner is announced on the senior strut days of each month. She is a girl who is kind to everyone including her classmates, other faculty, and underclass women. She is optimistic and shows school spirit by attending school events and, obviously, participating in senior strut day. She tries her best academically and sets a good example to others.

This month, the class of 2019 voted for the family, Birr. The winner of the September Pink Princess is Sarah Rhodes! I got the chance to interview Sarah, and she answered some questions for me. Here is what she said:

What is your homeroom? Birr 214

What makes you so optimistic? I think it’s just a good skill to be nice. You never know what people are going through so even a smile can make someone’s day.

How do you show school spirit? I show school spirit by going all out for the walk and the pink and white game. I also get really excited for all the pep rallies.

How was your senior strut out of the world? I wore my Star Wars leggings and a dark side of the moon T-shirt.

Do you have any academic achievements? I have received a 4.0 for the past three years.

How do you set an example for the underclasswomen? I think I set an example because I am kind, and I try to be a leader. I am president of Rose Theatre Company and try to set a positive example for our company.

Were you surprised when you won pink princess? I was surprised! We have a lot of great people in my homeroom, so I knew who ever received it was going to deserve it. I just never thought of myself that way.

So that is your September Pink princess!

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