Cleat Game recap

By Cecilia McCoy, Staff Member

The cleat game of the 2018 soccer season was held on Sunday, September 23rd at Sacred Heart. This game is the only time these rivals will play in the regular season. Before the game, Sacred Heart was #1 in the state while Assumption was #2 which made the game even more intense. Even though the Rockets lost, they still played a good game with the ending score 2-1, Sacred Heart. Addison Cline scoring the goal for the rockets, and also won the MVP award for the Rockets at the game. The game also honored former Sacred Heart student, Jenna Cooper who was murdered in 2004 while playing soccer at the University of Nebraska. She was shot because two men got in a fight and one of the men attempted to shoot the other man, but the bullet hit Jenna instead. Jenna Cooper graduated from Sacred Heart in 2001 and played soccer for Sacred Heart all four years. Jenna Cooper was said to be an amazing woman and a dedicated soccer player; this is the reason why her parents sponsor this game for Sacred Heart.

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